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Harmonic Attunement
It's all about Harmony!
EVERYTHING is energy, everything has a vibrational frequency. These frequencies can be "out of tune" with each other.  For instance
various  parts of the body can be out of harmony, creating DIS-ease  and health problems.  Relationships can be out of harmony, our
emotions, our thoughts, events, our environment...our walk through life. Virtually anything can be out of tune and is able to be brought back
into Harmonic Attunement.

Harmonic Healing sessions are entirely remote.  There is no need for you to know when I am in session with you or to connect with me.  
Only your awareness is required. What I like most about this work is how "clean" it is. With just your name and intention, this work is
achieved solely through a vibration of Oneness, there is no sending from me to you.  This completely and simply takes all ego out of the
work; something that often proves difficult for most healers.

In a Harmonic Attunement session, I use Hebrew letters and phrases combined with  Crystalline Consciousness Technique™,
empowering your intention each day for 7 days. This method is completely remote after which I will contact you with any information I may

But don't let the simplicity  of Harmonic Healing fool you, this work is powerful!  The key is your openness to receive...
Harmonic Attunement- With the tools of mind and heart along with the power of Hebrew letters, this is a remote method of re-patterning or "Tuning" energy fields
into Harmony.  Good for health, emotional stress, difficult situations, relationships, and pets.

Phone Sessions I will take you through a safe, guided journey of awareness through your emotional, physical and mental bodies. At the same time I will be tracking
your energy fields and implementing various tools such as sound & CCT™ while being in communication with your guides and higher self. You will not only perceptively
feel the shift of long held patterns and stories, but you will know how to create this higher vibration for yourself in your daily journey through this world.
 Your body, your
mind and your soul will feel heard!

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™-  Incorporating the Law of Attraction and Sacred Geometry, CCT is a new system in subtle energy that accelerates
healing, manifests your heart's desires and awakens your higher consciousness.  I use CCT in all of my sessions.

Classes and Workshops - Higher Self, Harmonic Attunement,  Sound Healing and more.  Check with Yvonne if you would like to offer a workshop with her at your
facility or home.